Joy is a Choice | 05.28.2020

Joy is an active state of being that I must choose every single day. Joy is not passive. It is not circumstantial. It is a MINDSET. It is something we choose to be. Or that we choose to ignore.

I’ve been in a RUT the past couple of weeks. I’m over COVID. Been over it. I’m over fear. Been over it. I’m over the hate. Been over it. I’m over the negativity. Been over it. I’m over the selfishness of our society. Been over it.

I have let all of these things crush my spirit and feed a negative mindset. And I’m over it.

Joy is a choice. I can’t control this pandemic and it’s ripple effect any more than I can control the weather. But I can control the way I move forward with my family. I can control how I choose to press on in my coaching business, my work as a PT, and in my wellness. I can drag my feet forward begrudgingly or with joy and thanksgiving for the gift of another day.

God had a funny sense of humor when he laid the phrase “choose joy” on my heart for 2020. I named it my life phrase for the year.

Touché God, touché. Joy is a CHOICE. How will life look differently if you start choosing to walk in joy today?

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