What She Actually Wants for Mother's Day

What She Actually Wants for Mother's Day

* This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a commission on items sold through these links.

Josh and I are celebrating our eighth (WHAT) wedding anniversary this week.  While we were on our way to dinner the other night, I was joking with him that we needed to make sure we knew this year's theme so we could buy each other the appropriate gifts. He had absolutely no idea that wedding anniversary themes were a thing, by the way, so this conversation was hysterical. Needless to say, I'm not sure either of us will be receiving any bronze statues or paper weights this year. 

The entire conversation got me thinking, though, about a highly commercialized holiday that is also coming up - Mother's Day. It’s not until May 14, don’t panic!

The advertisements are everywhere, and the older I've gotten, the more I'm convinced that the people who make some of these advertisements for Mother's Day gifts aren't considering what moms TRULY want for Mother's Day. Maybe I'm just in a bit of a sassy or cynical mood today, but for the sake of a bit of humor, relatability, and (hopefully) helpful insight, let's dive into some of my favorite and least favorite recommendations for Mother's Day gifts from the ever famous Good Housekeeping:


  • Chocolate Covered Strawberries (or any fruit, honestly): To be fair, I actually do love chocolate covered strawberries. However, I do not love the effort typically required to clean out an appropriate spot for said strawberries in the fridge, and it's rare that I actually finish them before they spoil. These are a nice treat if you happen to be out somewhere that’s offering them for dessert, but maybe resist the urge to gift them on Mother's Day.
  • Coupons for Mom Book: Mama should not need to rip a "coupon" out of book and pass it to her significant other or her kids to ask for a mental health day, time to go get her nails done, time to work on projects that bring her joy, etc. On Mother's Day, a day to focus on how much she is loved, valued, and appreciated, do not gift her with a book of "coupons" for things she should be given the grace and space to do just like any other human being. In my opinion, gifts like this are a reminder that what is generally considered a natural part of any other human being's necessary self-care routine is considered something moms have to ask "permission" to do. It just gives me a major, major ick.
  • Gift Boxes with Confetti: For the love of all that is good and holy...please just DO NOT. She will be cleaning up that dreaded paper confetti crap for weeks. Display the items you were going to put in the box nicely across the kitchen counter. It'll do just fine, I promise.
  • Subscription...to ANYTHING: While the subscription is fully paid for and the product might be something she'll enjoy, resist the urge to sign her up for a subscription service. It's unlikely she needs a candle EVERY single month that's marked up a hefty percentage simply because it's part of a subscription service. Unless she has specifically asked to be signed up for one of these things, don't do it, especially if she has to make the effort to go in and cancel it if she's not a fan of the product. 
  • Custom Pet Portrait: Listen. I adore my dog. She was my first baby. She is my shadow. I will cry a million tears on the day she is no longer with me. But under no circumstance do I want a romanticized portrait of her in regal garments (Click Here for picture reference) to be hung up in my house. If anybody is going to have an artist or AI configure a portrait of themselves in a royal outfit to be hung up in this house... 
It's Gonna Be May, Justin Timberlake


  • Temperature Control Smart Mug: Anything that prevents me from having to make 10 trips to the microwave to heat up my coffee is an IMMEDIATE win. Do we have a million coffee mugs in our house? Absolutely. Did we make a rule that we wouldn't buy any more mugs. We sure did. But this one? It's not like a regular coffee cup. It's a cool coffee cup. And we like it.
  • Slippers & Pajamas: I don't always love wearing PJ sets when I'm actually sleeping (if you catch my drift, just nod in silent agreement), but I adore them when I'm hanging out around the house. Most days, I'm here with the baby doing chores, working on my writing, doing baby care things, and waiting for our home health appointments. Having a good, reliable pair of cozy slippers and PJ's that help me feel put together-ish without actually getting ready is *chef's kiss.*
  • Travel Jewelry OrganizerAbsolute YES to this. The number of times I have stuffed jewelry into ziplock bags knowing full and darn well that I'll be untangling necklaces for days..I'm not sure I'll ever learn. Having designated travel kit for jewelry pieces would be a game changer. 
  • Bathtub Tray CaddyA thousand times yes. Gimme my iPad, a hot bath, a glass of wine, a locked bathroom door, and this bathtub tray and I will be set for some solid self-care time.
  • BEIS The Weekender Travel Bag: Having nice travel bags is a game changer for me as a medical mom. I typically like to have at least one bag pre-packed and ready to go at all times, so bags like this that are stylish and functional are great options. I use the LYMIA brand bags for almost all of my bags and absolutely love them. 
    • LYMIA Brand Bags: My dear friend, Amber Wardell, designed this entire line herself, and each piece is so well thought-out and gorgeous. My favorites are the leather Charlie tote, the leather Sophie backpack, and the nylon traveler tote. Use code HILLARY10 at checkout for a discount on your purchase!


  • Plan a Self-Care Day for Her (Including Child Care): that piece in parentheses? DO. NOT. FORGET. IT. It is wonderful when significant others consider self-care days for mom, but if we have to worry about arranging care for the kiddos or have anxiety while we’re out because we aren’t confident that everybody is settled for the day, it’s hard to enjoy that designated time to ourselves. 
  • Daily Grace Co. Products: If you have a mama in your life who loves Jesus and loves to study the Word, Daily Grace Co. is a brand full of products that make amazing gifts any time of year. My favorites include the “Give Me Jesus” coffee mug, the “Theologian” sweatshirt, and the Handbook Collection. They have an anniversary sale going on right now, and even have a tab on their website for great Mother’s Day suggestions. Using the link here will get you a discount on your purchase!

To all the significant others and people with mamas in their life, no matter how you choose to celebrate those mamas, just be sure you take the time to let them know how much they are appreciated. Beyond the gifts and cards and other miscellaneous things, mamas ultimately deserve to know on Mother’s Day and ALWAYS just how much of an impact they have made on our lives.

To all of the mamas out there, you are beautiful. You are a blessing. You have great purpose. And if you don’t hear it from anyone else today, you’re doing a great job. Thank you for all that you do. 

* This post contains affiliate links, which means I make a commission on items sold through these links.

*Good Housekeeping Original Article: 60 Best Mother's Day Gifts That Are Thoughtful and Unique by Amanda Garrity and Cailey Lindberg


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