You are Beautiful

"You are altogether beautiful, my darling; there is no flaw in you." Song of Songs 4:7, NIV

You are beautiful. Did you know that?

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I’ll never forget the time when I heard a fellow Christian say that they didn’t understand why the book Song of Songs was in the Bible. She then proceeded to compare it to something so vastly inappropriate I could only call it blasphemy. Song of Songs/Solomon is one of my absolute favorite books of the Bible, and I have been so disappointed throughout my life as a Christian to see how many shy away from teaching it because it’s too “intimate.”

Friends! Intimate love between spouses should be celebrated! And on that note, the intimate relationship and pursuit of fellowship with Jesus should be celebrated! It doesn’t take much effort for us to see how this book is a direct reflection of the way Christ deeply loves His bride, the Church.

Despite all of our shortcomings, failures, imperfections, and our sinful nature, God yearns for relationship with His people. He doesn’t need it. He doesn’t need our love, and yet He so deeply desires it.

No flaw? Isn’t that the whole premise of the Gospel - that we ARE flawed? What on earth is Solomon getting at here?

Photo by Joyful and Rising; Verse from Song of Songs 4:7, NIV

Yes, of course we are flawed due to our own sinful nature, which is why we need God’s grace and the blood of Jesus for atonement of those sins. That is the entire purpose of the Gospel, so let’s look at this verse from Song of Songs chapter four with that in mind...

In Song of Songs we see a husband completely enamored by his bride, constantly pursuing her, and demonstrating unfailing love. She is beautiful in his eyes, physically, but more importantly, she is inwardly beautiful. Many people wonder what the purpose is for Song of Songs in the Bible. I do believe it’s a great depiction of marriage, but what if it’s more importantly a depiction of the deep, relentless love of God for His people? What if this book is both a beautiful display of Christian marriage AND one of the many ways in which the Old Testament's points TO the Gospel? What if it’s meant to show us just how infatuated God is with us? So infatuated, He can’t take His eyes off His beautiful creation and sent His only Son to die for our sins so that we may live in eternal fellowship with Him.

God's infatuation with us as His creation can be seen all throughout the Bible and in our own lives. As we remember and reflect on the ultimate source of beauty in this world - God is the Beautiful One, the creator of all beautiful and wonderful things - we remember that beauty is so much deeper than our outward appearance, which wastes away with time. True, radiant beauty is undeniable when we seek Him and seek relationship with Him. While the world’s standards of beauty constantly change and our outward appearance may fade with time, our true beauty never changes. We are beautiful because of who created us and because of who we were created to be.

Friend, God created you. He created beauty in this world and He created YOU! Your beauty is real because of who created you and whose Spirit lives in you. The world’s standards of beauty change. God forever sees you as His beautiful creation. Friend, you are BEAUTIFUL. Don’t ever forget it.

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